SHrooms Name

Started by Phyllis and Dr Johann Kruger in the early 90’s. They realised how their training, guidance help people to create their own income from home with very little start up capital. SHrooms was never intended to become as big and popular as it is today.. it purely happened by accident!

After seeing how people made a success out of their knowledge and guidance getting started, Phyllis decided to write her first (Step by Step Guide) which was a huge hit amongst clients across SA. For the first time we had our very own mushroom growing guide specially formulated for our vast temperature changes.

We are proud to currently be on our 3rd Edition Step by Step Guide now along with a few additions like.. our Compost making DVD which teaches you step by step how to make your own mushroom compost, and our Lecture DVD set which is our Seminar, now you can see the seminar from your own home without travel expenses.



You are welcome to whatsapp us on 064-909-7104. Please note that while we are here to help you get growing and earn money, we cannot give out information if you are not a learner with us♥

Training assistance

Once you have purchased your distance learning materials from us, you have unlimited e-mail assistance and guidance while you get set up and we especially love to hear your success stories too!!

Family First

All our businesses are family orientated, so have patience as your needs are just as important to us.. I might just be busy with my two beautiful girls at the moment of your phone call. I will get back to you ASAP! ♥

While we are all human and do not know everything there is to know.. One of our teams experts will do their best with helping you when you get stuck.

When starting your own business..

We know exactly how scary that step can be for you. Have faith in yourself believe in success & most importantly never give up!!