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rowing mushrooms on a small scale for home use or commercial sale can be lucrative. However, Lloyd Phillips discovers why a good-quality mushroom crop can only come from spawn produced under stringent laboratory conditions.

SHrooms, an established mushroom spawn laboratory and retailer of home mushroom production systems in Newcastle,  has received non-stop enquiries from Farmer’s Weekly readers who all wanted a slice of the mushroom pie after reading about their products. Since then, many people have eased their financial obligations with the extra cash generated from growing and selling mushrooms.  SHrooms mushroom expert warns that without a good-quality batch of spawn to inoculate into the growing substrate, mushroom growers could face a number of problems with their crops.

“New and existing small-scale mushroom growers should ensure they source spawn directly from a reliable laboratory where it is produced,” says Phyllis. “Laboratories produce a wide variety of commercially usable mushroom strains under strict sterile and controlled conditions. This ensures only the purest strain spawn is produced for use by mushroom growers.”

 Packaging and delivery
SHrooms specially packs its spawn before sending it by courier to clients. It is imperative that spawn reach clients as soon as possible after dispatch from the laboratory.

 *Section of an article which was published in Farmer’s Weekly

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